Attention: Coaches, Consultants, Home Based Business Owners, Direct Selling Consultants, Entrepreneurs and Other Self-Employed Professionals (Solopreneurs) – Women AND Men too!

Are You Frustrated, Overwhelmed or Feeling Stuck in Your Business Trying to Figure Out How to Get More Clients, Get More Exposure or Make More Money?

Are You Ready to Have More LOVE in Your Life Too?

Let me show you how to maximize BOTH your business and your personal life in this very special, exclusive membership where you’ll learn how to finally live the life of your dreams doing what you love!


My name is Katrina Sawa and most people call me The Jumpstart Your Biz Coach because I know how to help any small business jumpstart their business and marketing to see bigger results FAST.

In the last few years however of my entrepreneurial journey I wrote a book called Love Yourself Successful. It came about from coaching hundreds of women entrepreneurs in their businesses but finding out that about 60-70% of them were relatively to VERY unhappy in their personal lives or love life. (Watch the video above to learn more about this) I found that the ones who were unhappy or unfulfilled weren’t as motivated to do the marketing and revenue producing activities I suggested as the happy clients were. It was a struggle in fact to get those women to do much of anything as they had a lot of head trash or outside influences that prohibited positive action.

I’ve been wanting to transform my lower level Silver Mentor Program for a while into this new Love & Money Club because it’s so important to focus on EVERYTHING in your life as an entrepreneur.

We can’t just focus on the business and see massive results typically, we need balance, self-care, love and support from those in our life.

Then with thousands of small business owners starting up businesses every day, there is a much bigger need for training. Unfortunately, none of us are born with the “know how to run a business” gene. These lessons and skills need to be learned. You need your BUSINESS DIPLOMA OR MBA from someone in the field!!

The fastest way to start seeing success in your business is to learn directly from someone who’s been there, done that or still doing what it is you want to do. I’ve done this with hiring my own mentors, investing in mastermind programs, workshops and more. If you’re on this page then you’re most likely ready to take your business seriously and invest more in it this year and with the right training and mentor who can show you the HOW and WHAT to do to jumpstart your business in a BIG way.

It’s time to evolve and get into a training and business accountability program that can teach you the HOW and WHAT of what you need to do. Stop trying to GUESS at what to do or how to do it, it will take you FOREVER that way.

This new Love & Money Club is an ongoing membership that I plan to run for a long, long time. In fact, I toyed with the idea of giving a “lifetime membership rate” in the launch period but decided against that for the time being…maybe later!

This club is one of only two programs I’m going to be running in 2015 and 2016, it’s this and my higher level Live Big Mastermind annual mentoring program. I want to focus on giving everything I have to members in both programs and that’s it. The main difference between the two is that the Love & Money Club is more of a self-motivated membership where you’ll have access to more hard-core business and marketing training than ANYONE on the internet or anywhere is giving. The Live Big Mastermind includes full access to the Love & Money Club library of resources plus anytime access to me to mentor you personally all year long, live planning retreats and so much more. You can find out more about the Live Big Mastermind Program here if you think that might be a better option for you at this time.

I know what a lot of the other lower end membership clubs and groups out there provide. Some are very niched with what you learn such as all about blogging or social media for example. Some have a lot of training but it’s spoon-fed to you over the course of time to make you stick around longer and pay the monthly fees.

My Love & Money Club is way different than anything on the internet or being offered by any other business or marketing mentor out there.

You really need to make time to work ON your business every month, I think you know that. But are you actually doing it?

If you know you should be learning more, implementing more and taking a little more time each month to further your business or even change areas of it then I urge you to start now.

If you know you need to be held more accountable each month or realize it’s time to get a mentor or coach then this is a great program to start with.

The strategies I teach are for the most part the simplest and most affordable strategies around – because you know what? That’s what works! You’ll find that you don’t need to spend a ton of money in your marketing like many people think in order for it to work for you. I’ll show you what works for me and hundreds of my clients!

If you’re ready for a more hands-on, private mentoriong, 1-on-1 program with a coach to hold you more accountable, this is NOT the right program for you, you’ll want to step up and do 1-on-1 VIP Coaching Day with me or join my annual Live Big Mastermind which you can find out more about all of these online here. I also hold live 3 day marketing, sales, love and money seminars twice a year too – in April and November. Find out more about the events here. (With the 3 year membership of the Love & Money Club you actually get 2 FREE General Admission Tickets to one of those events! Scroll down for details.)

Snapshot of Your Member Area

The Love & Money Club is a very affordable program to get a ton of new information and the actual HOW to do specific things and implement specific strategies in your business and marketing.

Of course you must make the effort to take advantage of the program benefits but if you do, you’ll see what huge value this program includes. Sure you can leave the club at any time but the membership levels and payment options do run for a term of 1 year or 3 years and there are absolutely no refunds once you join because you’ll have immediate access to ALL the content at once. (However, if you really don’t feel like this membership program is for you once you dive in, you can ask me to repurpose your investment in this membership to some other option.) I’m betting you won’t want to leave though after you see how getting ongoing marketing advice and help ensures you spend your valuable marketing dollars wisely and increases your overall revenues.

Plus after you see the cost to join…it’s a no brainer!

The main goal with my Love & Money Club is to consistently get you making clear, educated and revenue producing marketing decisions that give you the biggest bang for your buck and time.

In the Love & Money Club, I talk about many topics and coach you on many different aspects of your marketing, your business and your life. Basically, you’ll have a full time Business, Life and Marketing Coach on your side but without the big time salary!


What You’ll Get Out of This Program:


Most entrepreneurs find that they learn new ways to build and market their business after listening to the very first call. During this membership you’ll experience the following:

  • You’ll feel much more confident and clear on what you’re providing, offering, selling and doing
  • You’ll be a lot more confident to charge what you’re really worth, spending time with people for free too much and you’ll stop undervaluing yourself overall
  • You’ll have a clearer understanding of how to monetize better what you’re already doing
  • You’ll learn how to systematize things you’re already doing so you can get more done and reach more people faster and more consistently
  • You’ll understand where to focus you’re time every day, week or month and on which money-making tasks so not to waste time on things that will not lead to success or profits
  • You’ll create a roadmap for your business success, for reaching your desired goals in income, lifestyle and even your give back needs
  • You’ll have less stress about what to do and how to do it
  • You’ll know where to find resources and people to support you along the way, ones you can trust
  • And so much more!

This is a comprehensive business building, life changing and marketing training program where you’ll learn everything about setting your business up the right way from the start (whether you’ve already started or not) including learning about specific technology and online marketing you’ll need, regular marketing and follow up, systems and automation needed to leverage your time as well as ways to tweak what you’re already doing to increase sales immediately. PLUS you’ll learn how to gain the confidence you need to make mindset shifts and decisions to make this a sustainable and PROFITABLE business doing what you love!

(Example member page – I give clear instructions for everything inside so you’re not overwhelmed or lost on what to do!)

P.S. This Love & Money Club is for MEN too! Women and Men are encouraged to join! 


Sounds great Kat, so what do I get when I join?

There Are 2 Levels to Membership:

The Love & Money Club Free “Just Friends” Members receive all of the following:

  • [LIMITED ACCESS TO] 1000+ Audio/Video Trainings in Exclusive Library – Access to many of the calls, teleclasses and interviews or trainings that Kat has ever recorded (from previous 2005-2015 and more). Topics range on all types of subjects every small business owner needs to start, grow, run, market and grow their business. Topics will also include all love and money recordings for personal development, love and relationship management. It’s one of the biggest and most diverse audio training libraries on the internet with actual how-to content-rich recordings.
  • Access to the Love & Money Club Online Facebook Community (this is a BONUS right now for FREE Members) – This is where you’ll be able to connect and network with all the other members in the community including ask Kat questions and get feedback on things you’re working on in your life and business.
  • Monthly Welcome Calls to help you GET STARTED so you know EXACTLY where to start, what resources and trainings to dive into first, second, etc. so that you can be super FOCUSED on what to do and take advantage of inside the Love & Money Online Member Area. Members can come back each month or whenever they want to to additional Welcome Calls but Kat will be spending time on those calls with NEW members first, then it will be open for Q&A.
  • Receive Affiliate Commissions – As a Love & Money Club Member you can earn 20-50% commission by referring your friends to to Kat’s Love & Money Club, live events, products and programs!
  • Kat’s Big Money Resource Rolodex and Vendor Recommendations – Private Access to numerous vendors and professionals I have in my own rolodex. You’ll receive referrals to printers, web designers, copywriters, virtual assistants, mail houses, designers, caterers, sign companies and more that will save you time and money in your marketing. This will be available in the Love & Money Club Online Forum and updated regularly. (Paid Love & Money Club Members can also apply to be included in the Resource Rolodex!)

The Love & Money Club Paid “Business Partner” Members Receive All of the Above Benefits Including FULL ACCESS to Complete 1000+ File Training Library PLUS the Following as well:

  • Access to Kat’s huge supply of Resources – templates, order form examples, flyer and print marketing materials examples and so much more so you won’t have to re-create the wheel often
  • Private Quarterly Call In Day – This will be held on the 3rd Friday of the month from 9:00 – 12:00 pm PST. (Scheduled for January, April, July and October each year) Members can call in during this time frame to Kat’s member hot line and speak with Kat one-on-one about your biggest marketing or business challenges, questions, concerns, ideas for brainstorming or strategizing, whatever you want to talk about.
  • Monthly Guest Expert Calls – Kat will bring in many of her business and relationship peers, friends and other gurus on topics that cover attaining more Love & Money. Recordings of all guest calls will also be archived in the library. Guest experts will always be hands-on, how-to, teaching type of calls so you will walk away with new ideas and resources immediately.
  • Access to more than 6 full training courses on jumpstarting your business, your website, your marketing & your revenues.
  • Exposure on Kat’s Blog – Members will be able to submit content and articles to Kat’s main blog on love, money, business, marketing or related type topics. (Max one article or video blog each month but feel free to submit away!)
  • Opportunity to be one of the Love & Money Club Guest Experts yourself.
  • Special Discounts and Offers – As a Love & Money Club Paid Member you’ll receive special discounts on many of Kat’s products, programs and live events.
  • Opportunity for Inclusion in Kat’s Big Money Resource and Vendor Rolodex – Love & Money Paid Members can apply to be included in the Resource Rolodex!


Join for 3 Years (starting today) plus get 2 FREE General Admission Tickets to one of Kat’s Upcoming Live Events (during your first year, good for you and a friend for one event, not you for two events) for $597 (no refunds)

Join for a Year (starting today) and Pay $397 (no bonus event tickets and no refunds)

Join for FREE Now to Check It Out Now! (limited access)


(That’s A LOT LESS than the money you’re currently already losing by NOT implementing certain marketing strategies right now! Join, learn and implement more today and see results FAST! Upcoming live events are scheduled for November 19-21, 2015, February, April, July and November in 2016 in Sacramento, CA – you get to choose which one you attend!)

*Note: Your credit card will automatically renew for the $397/year or $597/3year membership fee unless you cancel. You can cancel your membership anytime but your membership dues are still due and payable. There is a payment option for either paid option however there are NO REFUNDS and all sales are final on your first year as you have immediate access to ALL content immediately when you join. If you’re not satisfied with the content provided, we can repurpose your investment in some other way, other product, event, etc.; you just need to tell us within your first 30 days.


“I’ve taken many online and in-person marketing workshops, seminars and coaching over the years so I recognize when a trainer’s primary motivation comes from a genuine desire to help others vs. satisfying their ego or their bank account.Katrina Sawa is the real deal! Marketing secrets that I’ve heard from no one else, and practical spot-on, step-by-step advice flows from her like it’s channeled from a higher power! And Katrina doesn’t hold back. She generously shares all she has with her customers. As someone whose marketing was hit and miss, at best, until I found Katrina, I’m loyal to her for her honest insights and genuine desire to help me bring my gifts to the world. She has inspired me to believe in myself and my mission, think bigger, create my marketing plan, focus on specific revenue generating activities every day and start building a team to help me grow my business. Thank you Katrina!” – Wendy Vineyard, Your Coach for Mastering Menopause…and More!






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